Carré de soie Lockdown – Orange


Inspired by my travel diaries and films, these windows have become, during confinement, our only opening to the world & a symbol of universal unity.

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Description : Carré de soie Lockdown – Orange

Our scarves are 100% silk and are printed in Laval, in a living heritage factory. Our finishes are sewn using the hand-rolled technique (a savoir-faire from the Lyon region) in a family-owned factory.

Silk is a natural material with multiple properties. Known for its softness, its thermoregulatory properties (keeping warm in winter & refreshing in summer), it is a precious and anti-allergic fibre that can be worn comfortably next to the skin.

For the care of your scarf, it is recommended to wash it by hand. It should be washed with cold water and mild soap, followed by wet ironing on the silk option (no steam). To dry, lay the scarf flat on a towel away from the sun. Avoid wringing out your silk.

The second option is to take your scarf to the dry cleaners (preferring the ecological dry cleaners, friends).

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90cm x 90cm


100% soie

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