Carré de soie Futurismo Green


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Description : Carré de soie Futurismo Green

I wanted to approach the subject of FUTURISM (artistic movement of the 30’s) not as a science fiction but as an observation of what surrounds us in our daily life and imagine their growth or their decline, imagine their evolution.

I wanted to play on the perception that we have of the current world by playing on the representation of movement, one around the body and the other around human transportation.

Both being constantly questioned; the body for its aesthetics, its beauty, these diktats & the movement which formerly was too slow, it is questioned today for its too great speed passing to the dream of the concord to the innovation in the decrease.

In short this design is an aesthetic way to confront these ideas, seeking to answer the fundamental question of our time, Will there be a future or rather what will be our future?

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Futurismo Vert




90cm x 90cm


100% soie

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