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Pre-order the 2nd Amicalement Soi collection now!

The new Amicalement Soi collection is finally here, you have 25 days to pre-order!

With this new collection we take you on a journey. The motifs of the Levant country gather the sketches of Angelique’s trip to Lebanon. The view of Beirut’s buildings, the calm of the Mayfouk monastery, the narrow streets of Tripoli or the stone of Saida. It is a tribute to this beautiful country, it is simply Habibi Lebanon. As for Futurismo, it takes us back to Italy, where the movement was born. Our version of « Futurism » mixes our perception of movement and aesthetics through various bodies & vehicles.

For this collection Lebanon is honored by allowing half of the profits of the prints to be donated to the association from Toulouse to Beirut. Association that sends medicines & first necessity products to Lebanon.

As for Italy, it is through our collaboration with Le Tre Sarte that we once again honor ancestral know-how. Brand & store of tailors made to measure it is Roman brand seeks to put forward an ethical & responsible fashion.

The choice of the pre-order is to make the choice of a more ethical and thoughtful fashion.

We make this choice at Amicalement soi for several reasons, the first is the production in small quantities to avoid storage and waste. The second reason is economic, the pre-orders allow us to launch the production and in exchange for your patience we try to keep an early bird special pre-order price. Finally it’s to push to a thoughtful fashion & a conscious shopping, pre-ordering is to accept to wait for your product & to become aware that you really want your square, in short it’s a bit like offering a gift twice, at the purchase then at the reception.

In short, you understood it, pre-ordering is good for you, it’s good for us & it makes ethical fashion & our know-how progress.

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