Angélique Gruau - Fondatrice de Amicalement Soi

Behind Amicalement Soi, we find Angélique Gruau.

Parisian and Mayenne native, Angélique has tried to dust off the classic silk scarf to make it an everyday accessory.

« Amicalement Soi is about cinema, colour, music, family, elegance, sensuality, extravagance, travel, history, friends, aesthetics and ethics. »

Angélique grew up with an inherent desire to create, inspired by literature, cinema, music, architecture, sculpture and a plethora of other artistic activities. Angélique loves to create, observe and share. From the age of seven, she used her hands to create by modelling clay. Then came embroidery, and she very quickly learned to sew with the family machine. As a teenager, she naturally went into an applied arts high school and then continued her development at the Chambre syndicale de la couture parisienne and the Atelier Chardon Savard. Her desire to create continued to grow. Hungry to learn, Angélique explored craftsmanship at the tailor Cifonelli in Paris during her studies after her classes, learning and observing the unique know-how of tailoring.

« It is by being inspired by the past that we can go even further into the future. »

After theory, comes practice. Angélique worked as an assistant designer for the fashion houses Rabih Kayrouz, Christian Wijnants and Coralie Marabelle. She then had the chance to perfect her skills as a graphic designer and colourist for the printing workshop “Les tissus d’Avesnières”.

Currently studying for a master’s degree in textiles at the Accademia de Costume e Moda in Rome, Angélique also has an entrepreneurial project with the launch of her brand “AMICALEMENT SOI”.

Through this project, authenticity, ethics, sustainability, transmission, the search for beauty, quality, craftsmanship, and poetry are the values that drive Angélique.

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